Mindful BrainDance
Seeking Physical, Social, Mental and Spiritual Balance.

Welcoming Prayer guided Practice with Centering Prayer. Mondays 7:30pm Hawaiʻi time to Your local time. https://meditationchapel.org/thomas-keating-chapel/

Mindful BrainDance meets online via zoom. Join us for a 50 minute class, Tuesdays 11am Hawaii time See your local time (UTC -10)
Zoom: Meeting ID: 947 2491 0844
Passcode: pule

On November 16, 2021 class will be at 9 AM Hawaii time… We will return to our regular time on the 23rd Hope to see you then

Special Events Presentations : Calvary by the Sea OCT. 8-10, 2021 “PRACTICE GRATITUDE” 2021 FAMILY SPIRITUAL RETREAT (Oct 9th 6am Embodied Gratitude)

Parliament of World Religions: For a Peaceful, Just, and Sustainable World Oct 16-18, 2021 Sunday Oct 17th 10am HST (UTC-10) The Welcoming Prayer Embodied: Consent on the Go.

What is it?

Mindful BrainDance brings together the Welcoming Prayer and BrainDance adding a spiritual component to the mind/body emphasis of BrainDance. This is a unique practice created by Pulelehua in 2016 as a healing response to personal trauma.  The combination of these practices helps return us to the original spinning cells of love from which we are all created.

This spiritual practice integrates movements of the body with the heart and soul of the individual.  Mindful Braindance  is open to anyone who feels MOVED to feel the power of Divine Grace through embodied  meditation. No dance or prayer experience is needed. We all move at our own pace and are giving opportunities to share our prayer concerns in life Mindful BrainDance combines BrainDance and the Welcoming Prayer practices to build and revitalize our neurological systems. 

BrainDance reinforces the patterns and reflexes – the primal and core movements of first year of life – which are essential to our health. The infant, fresh from the hand God, knows that the divine indwelling is within and part of us. Infants in the first year of life have the gift of Surrendering to this moment as it is. Repeating these patterns over time may help us fill in and Repair any missing gaps in our neurological system due to birth trauma, illness, environment, head injury or not enough floor time as a baby.

The Welcoming Prayer guides us to once again, let go and embrace this moment as it is. Together BrainDance and the Welcoming prayer leads us to Balancing our mind/body/spirit.

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