Pulelehua founder, Mindful BrainDance

Pulelehua Sacred Dancing
Sacred Dance Festival 2012

Pulelehua a Sacred Dancer since 1991 a lifetime member of the Sacred Dance Guild. She most recently attended Summer Dance Institute for Teachers at the Creative Dance Center   Seattle, Washington. She has lead moving meditation workshops with groups including Hospice, Youth groups, women’s groups, church communities and educational groups. We are dancing for healing, dancing for life, dancing for connection to indwelling spirit, dancing to stay grounded and in the body.  Dancing to be the embodiment of the spirit we are intended to be. 

Pulelehua and Kaleidoscoping Hearts
My heart is leading me to share a gift from God via a mom’s broken heart.
My life recently felt like it had fallen apart and that the pieces were put into a kaleidoscope and all shook up.  The world took on an air of shattered pieces being held together with the love and support of friends and a faith in the connection to ALL.  While traveling this year after the crushing event of losing my son, I was gifted with time at an All Believers ashram in Bali.  It changed me in ways that allow me to see dance and goodness in all faith paths that are based in Love. Love is Love is Love is Love is Love. 

I need a way to move through all that is happening in my life… a physical, emotional and spiritual way to move.  So I have been studying and training and have come to find a moving meditation that combines BrainDance, the Welcoming Prayer, and the Liturgical Score taken from Sunday’s worship

 Kaleidoscoping Hearts
 Our hearts that break into pieces, from  lives lived in pain, are so like a kaleidoscope.  Strong emotional moments, lying near my heart, stay with me as butterflies from the past. And I become overwhelmed when they touch me.  A Kaleidoscope of grief butterflies seems to be part of my journey to carry and  help me daily.

What does it look like?
Gentle movements to music and to the sounds of nature combine with  various creative ways to express what we are experiencing.  MindFul BrainDance Hawaii YouTube.


  • Contemplative practitioner
  • Open heart and optimistic view of the world
  • Dancer in all places and circumstance
  • Embraces the new and challenging
  • Technology aficionado and skilled in use of Apple devices
  • Traveler extraordinaire (54 countries and counting)
  • Circle dance leader


  • Brain Dance Teacher Teacher training 2016. 2017, 2018 Ongoing classes 2020-present.
  • Welcoming Prayer 2013, 4 day residential Retreat, 2016 4 day welcoming prayer Retreat. Contemplative Outreach Hawai”i 
  • Commissioned Centering Prayer Presenter
  • Commissioned Welcoming Prayer Presenter
  • In training Sufi Teacher 2020-22
  • Continual dance training since 1980
  • Masters in Educational Technology 2008 University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • Masters in Library and information Science 1982 University of Hawaii at Manoa
  • BA Sociology, Communications and K-12 Multi-subject Bilingual teaching credential 1979 University of California,  San Diego


  • jan-kaleidoscoping-butterfly-pulelehuaSacred Dancer : Since 1991. Created, implemented, and managed spiritual and movement workshops and retreats.
  • Volunteer in the areas of Social media, technology, Video Conferencing etc.
  • Librarian: 30 years management experience head of automated systems and contributor to various programs at the University of Hawaii Libraries
  • Librarian: Created, implemented, and managed inclusive staff programs including online and print curriculum, training, evaluation. 


Contemplative Outreach Hawaiʻi

  • Commissioned Centering Prayer Presenter
  • Zoom Administrator
  • In training Welcoming Prayer Commissioning
  • Presenter at Training sessions 2018-present

 Sacred Dance Guild                                    1999-present

  • Served on the Board of directors, as Recording secretary, (1999-2001)
  • Co-director of Sacred Dance Festival Dancing Winds of Grace (2001)
    • Responsibilities included developing and supervising Festival Planning Committee, recruiting artistic and spiritual leaders from around the world, creating promotional material (fliers, press releases). Managed registration and housing, organized Festival Schedule including daily worship, workshops and concerts.
  • Served on the Board of directors, as Resources co-chair, (2012-2016)
    • Create, maintained  social media presence (fb,twitter,instagram,blog-wordpress)
    • Created online journal presence

Calvary by the SeaHonolulu, HI                                                        1991-present

  • Choir 1992-present
  • Sacred Dancer 1991-present
  • Hula Halau Na Wahine o Ke Ola 2006-2019
  • Hula Halau Na Hula Ola Aloha 2019-present
  • Prayer Clusters: a moving prayer  2002-2008
  • Council of Deacons
    • Secretary 2001
    • Treasurer 2002-2005
    • President 2005-2008
  • Endowment team chair 2014-2017
  • Nomination Committee 1998, 2005
  • Tribe leader 2008-2018
  • Parliamentarian  2016-Jan 2021
  • Stewardship team chair 2008-2012
  • Constitution/bylaws Team Chair 2018-2020
  • Pastor Call Team 2019-2021
  • Virtual Retreat Coordinator and presenter 2020
  • Virtual Retreat Presenter 2021

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