Mindful Braindance Video and Audio guided sessions and Sample Classes

The most recent materials can be found on Mindful BrainDanceYouTube Channel 

Audio Guided Mindful BrainDance

  1. Listen to a 2.5 minute introduction to the welcoming prayer :
  2. Follow along with Pulelehua: a 40 minute BrainDance Meditation Practice at the beach

Sample Classes and Guided Movement  videos 

Playlist on Youtube 

Baby BD 3IMG_5083

Brief moment at Mindful Braindance by the Sea  @ Calvary by the Sea

Guided BrainDance Meditation by the Lake in Seattle

Water Mindful BrainDance

Chair BrainDance  ChairBrainDance

A partial Class with Sacred Dance teachers 

Baby BrainDance   tutorial

BrainDance Resources

What is BrainDance Meditation? (2min)

Mindful BrainDance Practice (13.5min)

The Vestibular System (1 minute)

Guided Mindful BrainDance 15 min

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