Fasting from anger. March 6th Ash Wedneday 2019

Focusing on the words of Pope Francis

Today we use the breath ito full us to the placeof restfullness.

Warm up with names and motion, then all the motions, the circle of blessing and back scratching.

Ho’oponopono play list

Divided into groups and embodied 3 that they picked.

Groups gathered back together

THen as a group we shared our embodied movements. Each group did one at a time. On the last one we acknowleged their sharing with a hands coming our from heart motion.

We did not guess what the words or expressions were they were we just experienced them.

then each person shared the embodiement that resinated without words

Parachute to release…. fasting

With welcoming prayer. Switch over pairs, quads. Across then around, then each takes a turn to dance through alone and we reciet the welcoming prayers.

Closing parachute over all of us as the raimbow shown and we were getting sprinked with love of rain blessing.

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